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DomainBroker.uk.com Terms and Conditions

These are our terms and conditions of business. They explain the basis on which we offer our services and in particular what you can expect from us and what we expect from you. The terms and conditions are important and you should read them carefully. If there is anything in the terms and conditions that you do not understand please contact Domain Broker at contact@domainbroker.uk.com

Domain names are free to list in the standard option and promoted through domain broker as described. We will notify you when we receive an offer and the amount offered. You will be given the opportunity to purchase the contact details to complete your sale, or decline the offer. If you decline we invite the bidder to increase their offer. PLEASE NOTE: We verify all lead enquiries.
Fees/Commissions are payable on all options as shown on the relevant pages and subject to our terms and conditions
Standard listing
FREE to List + Lead purchase + 15% commission of total selling price when sold.
Newsletter (optional fee)
Featured Listing (optional fee)
Broker Listing
Initial Broker Fee
Newsletter (Included)
Featured Listing (Included)
15% commission of total selling price when sold.

A broker instruction fee of £29.00 for single and portfolio listings paid on application plus a minimum 15% Commission and Transfer fee if applicable when sold.
You can apply or upgrade for our broker service at any time. As your broker we take care of most aspects involved in selling your domain from start to finish, What applies to our broker service can be found on relevant pages on this website.  Please check for changes that may effect our services and prices from time to time.

Management fees of rental property is 15% of the monthly rental paid monthly plus £50.00 for setup and standard contract agreement prior to signature.

Passwords and Security
In the event, we issue you with a password and username. It is important that you keep these secret. If you think that anyone else knows your password and/or username you must tell us immediately and change your password. We may change your password without first telling you if we think your password has been compromised. If you are a corporate user, then the company is also responsible, together with the individual using the account.

Standard Listing
Set-up payment as shown on relevant pages
No Commission Fees
Buyer and seller are responsible for their own transactions and diligence. Domain Broker accepts no responsibility whatsoever for financial loss or buyer or seller worthiness.

Set-up payment £49.00 payable on application plus final selling fees.
Set-up includes pricing advice, preparing articles of sale, managing Escrow or PayPal transfer, handling the domain transfer and documents of declaration.
Minimum 15% of the total selling price
Additional administration charges may be added for domain transfer fees from the registrar and for additional legal documents and certificates.

A broker instruction fee of £150.00 (per domain or contracted agreement) is charged for all acquisitions of which £29.00 is payable on application and the balance invoiced on completion of the instruction. Also a minimum fee commission charge of 15% of the maximum budget or final agreed purchase price (whichever is the highest) after a successful acquisition and to a minimum of £150.00 although fees and charges may vary. The broker instruction fee is payable in full whether the acquisition is successful or not, cancelled or withdrawn for any reason). Once we have agreement from both buyer and seller on price then our 15% commission of the purchase/selling price (commission) is due, we may invoice separately for this although generally it will be included in the total transaction price. Transfer fees (including transaction fees from Escrow or PayPal or Bank are to be included and can vary (Escrow charges) according to sale value.
Additional fees may also apply, for example if we need assistance from a registrar (NOT GENERALLY THE CASE), however, we will advise you first and your approval before proceeding (Example: Problems with owner verification - these fees if applicable are agreed before we proceed) You are not obligated to pay this additional fee, but we may advise you of the importance to do so.
Domain/s we are instructed to acquire may be offered for sale on various platforms and if so we will act on your behalf to conduct due process to acquire the domain from such platforms.
We would normally expect to receive your payment for the domain within 24hours of a sale agreement so the transaction and transfer can proceed. If we are successful in reaching an agreement between Buyer and Seller for a domain and you withdrawal or fail to pay for the domain within fourteen days, then our commission fee is due upon demand and as if sold under our normal acquisition terms. Additional fees will apply if we are re-instructed after invoicing under these circumstances.
Additional administration charges may also apply for legal documents and certificates, and domain transfer fees.
The seller will receive payment less fees after all domain/s new ownership details have been successfully transferred and payment received for the domain/s with Domain Broker UK. Transactions up to £1000.00 can be paid into our PayPal or bank account (additional PayPal transaction fees will apply) and over £1000 into our bank or Escrow account (additional Escrow and wire fees will apply). In the event of high-value domain sales we will agree, if preferred, to third party Solicitors/Attorney acting as agents to hold and disperse monies to the appropriate parties. All Solicitor/Attorney fees are charged to the seller or buyer or both as agreed between parties, Domain broker or their agents are not liable for any Solicitor/Attorney charges unless a prior agreement in a contract and signed by domain broker's CEO has been negotiated as part of any agreement. Transfers on new registrations and recent whois changes must allow 60 days between registrars. This is an ICANN regulation and applies to all registration changes (This will apply only on domains purchased through and held in our domain accounts). You agree that you will pay the appropriate fees for the service on time with payment terms 7 days from the date of invoice. You understand and agree that if you or your agents fail to make payments of fees when they are due, we may charge interest on late payments at an annual rate of interest equal to the base lending rate of National Westminster Bank plc plus 4%.

3.) General

Domains and websites for sale are listed in the catalogue until sold or if you request them to be removed. We do reserve the right to review after six months and will remove if we feel continued listing would be detrimental to the site. 

4.) Personal Data
You warrant that the name, address and payment information that you provide to Domain Broker is correct and you agree to notifying Domain Broker of any changes in name, address and/or payment details. All customer data is covered by our strict privacy policy. We do not sell, distribute or enter into any third party agreements that may compromise your data. Any information held by us about you will be available for inspection by you in accordance with the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.

5.) Changes, Amendments and Notices
We reserve the right to change our prices or withdraw our services at any time. If at any time a domain we have been instructed to act for is bought or sold by means other than through domainbroker.uk.com we reserve the right to claim our commission as if we were acting as your broker and any outstanding fees that may accrue. You are also responsible for reviewing regularly information posted on-line in the terms and conditions page.

6.) Appraisals (Domains & Websites)
The appraisal service we provide on domainbroker.uk.com is a valuation based on our opinion. Appraisal figures can vary and other brokers may have different opinions on perceived values, we advise that an appraisal from us is used as a guide only and that we cannot be held responsible for the value or advice we give on your domain or any future value the domain may achieve. DomainBroker.uk.com look to provide a professional service. We take serious precautions to ensure against domain fraud and endeavor to protect our clients in as far as we can. we take measures to confirm domain ownership and deposit money to companies or individuals only on satisfactory completion of the transaction. DomainBroker.uk.com accepts no liability whatsoever if a transaction should fail or an offer is withdrawn, this also extends to our employees any associated companies or our agents. we may, however, accept limited liability if we have failed to follow our procedures

7) Payments
The seller will receive payment after all domain/s new ownership details have been successfully transferred and payment received for the domain/s. For payments, we use our broker bank account, and PayPal and Escrow as our chosen merchants. PayPal is a trusted and secure partner. On receipt of payment into our bank account and after the transfer is complete, we transfer monies directly into your chosen bank or merchant account and aim to do this within 24hrs. Payments are due immediately after a website or domain is sold or acquisition/s agreed.

8) Retraction Fees
Retraction fees will be payable if a client withdraws from a transaction either from an acquisition or selling instruction and after an agreement has been reached or during the negotiation stage. We can also claim any fees that have been paid by domain broker on various platforms during the selling process. For successful agreements on all broker instructions, the retraction fee will amount to the commission payable to domain broker after a normal and completed sale or acquisition. The fee due will be either the initial client budget or the eventual price agreed by all parties whichever is the higher. Any other fees including our time rates, broker and researcher fees will also be payable within seven days from the date of retraction. If the retraction is after instruction, and contact between buyer and seller is established and negotiations started, then we are entitled to the full instruction fee. If this is followed by a change of ownership within a two year period from instruction, then we also reserve the right to pursue the commission we calculate would have been due and pursue the debt either with our client or if appropriate any new owner associated with the domain/website and can assume that such action was to avoid our fees and by agreeing to these terms and conditions the retractor client will pay upon demand our normal commission fees from the selling/buying price of the associated website/domain when sold. All fees are associated with the domain/website, and as such we remain the right to pursue any unpaid fees with new owners of any such domain/website A retracting client agrees to inform all potential buyers of our terms and conditions with regard to any debt that we have outstanding and/or that is in dispute between domain broker and the retracting client. We reserve the right to demand all brokerage charges.




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